Josh: March 13, 2014
The sound of the doorbell jarred me from my pissed off state after fighting, yet again, with Hanna. “Hang on!” I yelled to the door, guessing they didn’t hear me over the sound of Driver barking. “Come on boy, in the kitchen!” I led Driver into his crate, pet him on the head and ran for the door.

I did a quick check in the mirror to make sure I looked alright. This looks ok, I guess. Not like I’m trying too hard or anything. Although she might laugh at my flannel shirt and call me Al from Home Improvement. 

I opened the door and couldn’t help but smile when I saw Rachael looking back at me, her brown eyes shining bright in the sun. She always took my breath away whenever I saw her after a while, I don’t think she realized it either. “Hey, sorry, had to put the beast in the kitchen.” 

When I opened my arms to her for a hug, she wasted no time almost knocking me over and wrapped her arms around my neck. My hands stroked the soft skin on her bare shoulders and I breathed in her familiar scent - honeysuckle perfume, Dove shampoo and lilac soap. It’s funny how a person’s scent brings back all these memories you have of them. 

Rachael: July 14, 2009

Josh texted me at work in the afternoon and I thought I was seeing things. I hadn’t heard from him in a while, especially since he started dating Julie. I met her at his 16th birthday party and she seemed like a sweet girl, but I wasn’t sure how long they were going to last. 

Josh begged me to stop by his parent’s house after work because he had something to show me, but wouldn’t say what it was, so I was pretty curious to see what his surprise was.

When I pulled into Josh’s driveway, I just about shit myself when I saw him sitting on a brand new bike. And I don’t mean bicycle, but a real motorcycle.

“When did you get this?” I wondered as I got out of the car.

“Today! When I got here! I’ve been talking to this guy in Cincinnati who was selling it online and got it for practically nothing! Now I have something to ride while I’m home. You like it?”

“Yeah it’s great. Where’s your mother? She’s ok with her first born purchasing a motorcycle before he’s even old enough to vote?”

“Yes! She’s fine with it!” he laughed, “She AND Amanda went for rides already! Now it’s your turn, hop on!” He slapped the seat behind where he was sitting.

“No way, Josh, you’re not getting me on that thing!” I protested.

“Come on! Just a slow ride around the neighborhood, I promise!” He smiled sweetly and I eventually caved in and agreed to go with him. 

Josh: July 14, 2009

“Ugh fine!” She sighed as I handed her a helmet. She put her purse down in the garage and hopped on behind me, putting her hands on my shoulders.

“You have to hang on down here so I can steer.” I moved her hands to my waist, causing the crotch of my pants to get a little tight. I could smell her honeysuckle perfume when she put her arms around me and I had to shake my head to regain my focus. She jumped and held on tighter when I started the bike and revved up the engine.

“Don’t chicken out like you did that time on the roller coaster at King’s Island!” I yelled back to her over the hum of the bike.

“Do you have to bring that up? I didn’t know it went upside down, ok? Just go you jerk!” She smacked my leg and I backed out of the driveway, laughing at how easy it was to tease her, considering our long history.

Rachael: March 13, 2014

“Where’s my boy?” I exclaimed when I got into Josh’s kitchen. Driver was whipping his tail on the walls of his crate so I let him out and he immediately jumped on me. “Oh hello lovey! I missed you too! Have you been a good boy?”

Josh laughed at me.“You’re so lame. You and that dog, I swear.”

“What? I love this little beast!” I scratched Driver on the head and stood up, focusing all my attention on my dinner.

“Rach, you want a drink?” Andre asked while peering through the bottles of liquor Josh had after we finished eating.

“Oh God yes! What goes good with Chinese food? I don’t want to be sick later,” I said rubbing my full stomach.

“Maybe you should just stick to beer then. We don’t want a repeat of your 21st birthday.” Josh went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of Bud Light. “Here you go.” He set it down on the island in the center of the room.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. My 21st birthday was like the best night of my life!” I replied and I twisted the cap off the bottle and took a swig.

“Yeah, I’m sure the 20 minutes you can actually remember from that night were fabulous!”

I had a tendency of blacking out whenever I drank too much. When I turned 21, I ended up on the Hutcherson’s couch for some reason. I guess I was walking around the neighborhood, rambling to myself like an idiot and rang their doorbell at 4:30am. Michelle took me in, being the saint of a woman that she is, and took care of me that night. Josh was there when I woke up and held my hair back when I got sick in their downstairs bathroom.

"Ok you’re right. Beer it is."

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